Sebastian Piacentini Veron was born in Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentina. His first glimpses of photography was when he was twenty one, while he was working at an advertising agency in his hometown. When his family decided to move to Europe, what started as a six months journey,  turned into a seventeen year adventure through Brussels, Madrid, Paris and New York.

He saw his first professional camera in Brussels from a photographer named Christophe Gilbert. Who was shooting with a Hasselblad camera. When he saw what came out of that camera, Sebastian knew he had found his ideal camera.

When moved to NYC in 2015, a friend was holding the same camera and he decided to lend it to Sebastian so can try it to do some shots.

Since then, Sebastian didn't stop shooting photos in the old way. After a week he returned the camera back to his friend and bought his own one the same day. He couldn’t stop making photos in such a rich city as New York where he actually lives.

In the beginning his films where developed in a lab in Soho, until the same friend taught him how make them himself. All the film rolls are processed by him at his home/studio in Williamsburg.

"Today there is so much technology involved in photography that it has become almost a distorted version of reality. There are so many digital tools that can fake the image, light, color, ambient , filters and many other things in a single photo. This project attempt to bring back the authenticity of photography based on the principles of chemistry, light and mechanics to catch light to create these photography series."